Baskets always remind me of the sun, the south, the sea, sunsets and beautiful blue skies. What could be nicer than always having your own little bit of sunshine with you?


Baskets have already been helping humans for many decades and they have many uses. In fact, they’re much more common than we sometimes realise, and they can be very handy for a range of activities in our daily lives. But I think we haven’t been bringing them up-to-date enough. That’s why I decided to restyle my baskets and make something that’s just a really nice, vintage and natural product. Each basket has a unique finish so it’s even more eye-catching, ensuring its wearer real style and flair.


I’ve always had baskets around. To take things with me, for shopping, to put the children’s toys in, to take to the beach or just to hide things away, like kitchen equipment or socks or lingerie in the wardrobe. In my living room, I keep the extra blankets in a basket, and the wood for the stove is also stored in a pretty basket. I have another basket on my bike, and I keep one in the car for whenever it’s needed.

Something inside drew me to this passion for baskets. There was no pressure, I just felt a natural desire to find a way to really make baskets shine.

Sustainable & Fair

My search for the right basket started a few years ago. I bought baskets in various shapes and sizes and out of this came my choices about baskets today. I tried out various baskets, also finding out where they come from and how they are woven. After my research I then decided to select sustainably-sourced, high-quality baskets from European workshops that are fairly price.

By the time the baskets arrive in my workshop they don’t always look their best any more. In the workshop, we insert the right size mould into each basket. After more or less twelve hours, each basket then takes on its beautiful, unique and handy shape.  The collection includes a range of baskets because each person has different needs in terms of style, functionality, feeling and personality.

Fait à la main

These baskets are completely handmade. The handles are made of saddle leather and after cutting, planed, painted and sewn on the basket. The colors of the edges are matched with the colors of the wool incorporated around the basket. This is a labor-intensive process but gives a cheerful, beautiful and elegant result. It makes the basket more attractive and that is something we all want a little bit. :)

Come meet your personal sidekick and take it with you everywhere you go. It makes life easier!


Have you discovered the new mother-daughter baskets yet? Our MARIE baskets are the perfect gift with a sustainable character and unique appearance.


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