What could be better? There’s a basket for everyone. Perfectly suited to your needs and desires. The perfect match for your personality and style. Yet still unique.

100% Handmade

Another of our aims: every basket should be unique and different. No two baskets are identical, because we process them completely by hand: 100% handmade from start to finish (shaping, hand-crocheting and finishing), and then we sell them.

100% Fair

We put a lot of thought into our choice of materials, with a preference for pure wool and other natural materials such as palm leaves, leather and coconut buttons. Our wool is sourced in Europe, and we have many colours which makes for a lot of variation in the appearance our baskets. It is wonderful to see how different a basket can look in another colour. The wool we use for the baskets cannot be too fragile; it has to be durable, soft and sustainable. Every basket that we sell goes to support the journey and full process that went into its making.

100% Ecological

We aren’t just doing something good for ourselves – although of course each basket is also a really handy and unique fashion bag as well as a stylish interior design feature. No! We are also doing something good for the environment, because thanks to your new sidekick you will also be using less and less plastic bags.

Come meet your personal sidekick and take it with you everywhere you go. It makes life easier!


Have you discovered the new mother-daughter baskets yet? Our MARIE baskets are the perfect gift with a sustainable character and unique appearance.


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